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Elevating Psychiatric care Services

Couples Psychotherapy

Dr. Poulakos also sees couples at various stages of their relationship. Some couples come in after realizing their issues are too severe to handle between just the two of them, others want to be preventive about the health of their relationship and see me without the presence of any intense turmoil. Couples present to Dr. Poulakos’s office experiencing a variety of stressors, such as constant arguing, lack of intimacy, feeling disconnected, not feeling heard, lacking communication, no longer viewing their partner as a safe and loving outlet, family conflict, life conflicts such as one partner being overworked or one partner unfairly taking the lead on the home responsibilities, etc. No matter the reasoning, Dr. Poulakos works to help revitalize the happiness that was once present within the relationship. This can be done through a variety of outlets such as deepening emotional connection, sparking intimacy, teaching engaged listening and communication techniques, etc. Some individuals present to Dr. Poulakos individually, yet seek care for difficulties they are facing within their relationships or ways they are seeking growth for themselves or for their partner.

At a Glance

Dr. Paul Poulakos

  • Attending Psychiatrist at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center
  • Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Past Clinical Assistant Professor of NYU Langone Medical Center
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